About Us

Polished Property is a Melbourne based development company that partners with investors and home owners to create wealth through property. We pride ourselves on creating architecturally designed, residential homes with high-end internal finishes that people will fall in love with.

With a strategic knowledge of Bayside’s real estate market, a passion for housing and a flair for design, our goal is to make residential property development attainable, achievable, and profitable for all our clients.

Polished Property was established by Candice Hammer, a property development and real estate marketing specialist who has successfully built a multi-million dollar property portfolio. Candice brings a thoughtful, considered approach to all projects and expertly guides home owners and investors through every stage of the development process.

Navigating property can be complex and time consuming … we strive to make it seamless for you and provide solutions to meet your needs and achieve your goals

Our services include:

Home owner development partnerships
Polished Property can work with you to maximise the value or unlock equity in your most valuable asset: the family home. Our end-to-end service covers all admin and approvals as well as total management of design and construction.

Investment partnerships
Polished Property buys and develops residential properties across Bayside. We offer customers the opportunity to invest in these projects. This highly flexible, secure, hassle-free wealth creation strategy is perfect for beginner or busy investors: we handle all aspects of site acquisition, approvals and creation of beautiful, highly saleable homes, delivering a potential return of up to a 20% p.a. on your cash investment.

Development management service
From feasibility analysis to internal finishes selections, Polished Property can manage every stage of your development project. Services are tailored to your needs and aimed at maximising the returns on your property investment.

Why choose Polished Property?

We make it easy for you: Enjoy the benefits and financial rewards of property development without the stress and hassle.

Winning market appeal: We deliver high quality, well considered homes. All Polished Property developments have the wow factor that buyers can’t resist.

Results-oriented: We build long-lasting relationships with our partners. We’re here to help you achieve outstanding results for your personal and financial future.

No risk of under- or over-capitalising: As an experienced property developer and investor, Director Candice Hammer has an in-depth knowledge of the Bayside property market, and will ensure every aspect of your development is optimised to the suburb’s buyer expectations and market conditions. Every cent invested is wisely spent.

Flexible service offering: We have end-to-end expertise and can tailor development solutions to suit your needs.

Faster returns: We keep your builders and contractors accountable to get your project finished and ready for sale, on time and on budget.

Ready to start building your future? Get in touch for a chat: hello@polishedproperty.com.au



You want to unlock some equity from the family home, or upscale your property’s value… but:

  • it sounds too difficult and overwhelming
  • you don’t know where to start
  • you don’t have the funds, experience or time to embark on developing your property

Polished Property is dedicated to helping everyday home owners unlock the equity in their home through subdivision, dual occupancy or land redevelopment (i.e. knocking down existing home to build townhouses or apartments) … without any upfront costs or time commitment. We partner with you and fund the project, sharing in the rewards of strong capital growth.

We can identify the development potential that’s unique to your property, and will manage the entire project – from plans to profits – on your behalf. No stress, no worry, no need to borrow more money … sit back and we’ll do it all for you.


  • Assess your house/land and advise on possible development options
  • Conduct risk analysis/costs and potential profits
  • Secure finance
  • Create a market-specific plan and manage the design process
  • Manage development approvals
  • Project-manage construction ensuring timelines are met as works progress
  • Oversee interior selections and finishes in line with development’s target market
  • Optimise marketing campaign and liaise with sales agent
  • Share in final profits with you

At Polished Property we have the expertise, experience and resources to deliver beautiful, highly marketable developments and generate maximum returns, bringing you more financial flexibility and greater lifestyle choices. It’s that easy.

If you’d like to know more about how we can unlock profits from your property, get in touch with Polished Property today. We’re always ready to answer all your questions. hello@polishedproperty.com.au


Looking for an affordable and stress-free way to generate wealth through property development? We provide a range of opportunities for investors to invest in our projects, offering potential returns of 20% per annum on your cash. Polished Property has success in the Bayside market and takes care of every detail, from risk analysis and site acquisition, project management and going to market.


  • Polished Property conducts all preliminary works (site, planning, design).
  • Once building approval is secured and we are ready to demo and build, we open the project up to cash investors.
  • Polished Property oversees construction.
  • Development sells and returns are distributed (average turnaround time from demolition to sale is 12-18 months).

Why partner with Polished Property?

  • Invest what you can afford – we offer flexible investment options.
  • Development know-how: We have experience, expertise and a sound knowledge of the Bayside property market. We know what buyers are looking for in different suburbs and we know how to deliver beautifully-finished homes with winning appeal.
  • Strategic spending for maximum returns: Careful planning and aligning each development to the area and target market ensures we select the right finishes for each of the build. This eliminates any risk of compromised profits due to over- or under-capitalising.
  • Peace of mind: We ensure all the legal requirements and security are in place to protect your money.
  • Transparency: As your investment partners we maintain open lines of communication keeping you updated on progress at all times.
  • Fast turnarounds: We keep projects moving forward for timely completion (around 12-18 months) and profit realisation.
At Polished Property we believe in integrity, creativity and generating the most value for all those involved. Contact us today to find out what investment opportunities are currently available. hello@polishedproperty.com.au


We understand that when it comes to property development, every dollar spent counts. So whether you’re looking for a development site, need assistance getting your project off the ground, or advice on design and finish, we have the experience and expertise to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Polished Property’s management services are tailored to your needs and aimed at maximising the returns on your property investment.

Our end-to-end capabilities include:

  • Consultation and overview of objectives – we’ll establish what you’re wanting to achieve and outline potential strategies
  • Site selection, review and feasibility assessments – carried out with our understanding of planning requirements, market conditions and all associated development and building costs to determine potential return on investment
  • Development administration – we can handle all the compliance paperwork and development approval processes
  • Design management – oversee each stage of the design process from concept planning to engineering. We ensure designs are carefully optimised to what buyers in your market are looking for
  • Manage specifications – the right finishes can make or break a project. We ensure your specs are on trend, appropriate for your chosen market, and deliver maximum appeal
  • Construction project management – liaising with builders, suppliers and contractors. Polished Property’s stringent management processes will keep your project on schedule and on budget, while ensuring the highest standard of finish
  • Sales and marketing support – from property presentation and styling, to campaign planning and liaison with sales agent

Successful projects are never an accident. They are the result of intention, consistent effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. They are the culmination of the right choices made from many alternatives

Find out how we can help drive efficiencies and positive outcomes for your next project. hello@polishedproperty.com.au


Halifax St, Brighton - Anticipated completion August 2022
Comer St, Brighton East - Anticipated completion June 2022
Abbott St, Sandringham - Anticipated completion December 2021
Smith St, Hampton – Anticipated completion August 2021
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Wickham Rd, Hampton East
Seventh Ave, Rosebud
Robert St, Parkdale