Your Trusted Landowner Developer in Bayside & Greater Melbourne Area

There is a whole host of reasons why everyday homeowners might be looking to unlock some equity from their property.

Perhaps the kids are all grown up and out of the house, opening up the possibility for subdivision or dual occupancy. Or maybe your land is in the ideal location for townhouses or apartments, in which case you can drastically upscale your property value by knocking it down completely and redeveloping the land.

As great as these ideas sound, homeowner development can be quite daunting when it comes time to actually put shovel to dirt! That’s where we come in.

Martello Property specialises in homeowner development partnerships

Our highly experienced team can offer expert advice on how to go about developing your property, and we will work closely alongside you to create a step-by-step plan for the entire process.

From there, Martello Property will fund the project, providing you with full peace of mind that all the upfront costs are taken care of. Our start-to-finish homeowner development solutions allow you to enjoy the process of recreating your property from the ground up, without the stress associated with borrowing more money.

What is Martello Property’s process?

While we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to cater to each homeowner’s unique and specific requirements, we have a clear process for maximising your property’s potential value:

  • Assessment of your house and/or land, followed by expert advice on possible development options
  • A risk analysis (or costs vs. potential profits)
  • Securing finance for the project
  • Creation of a market-specific plan and management of the design process
  • Management of all necessary development approvals
  • Project-management of construction, to ensure timelines are adhered to throughout the process
  • Overseeing of interior selections and finishes, to coincide with the agreed-upon target market (based on in-depth analyses)
  • Optimisation of marketing campaigns and liaison with sales agents for optimal results
  • Sharing in the final profits with you, the homeowner

We also provide exceptional development management services, and can assist with investment opportunities.

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At Martello Property, we help landowners create wealth through property. Our extensive knowledge in the Melbourne real estate market allows us to maximise your returns on investment, through strategic development choices based on informed market analyses.

If you would like to discuss how Martello Property can provide convenient and lucrative solutions with your valuable asset bringing you more financial flexibility and greater lifestyle choices, drop us a line today at .